Solid Waste Management

A) Waste Management Plans & DPR

  • Waste Characterization
  • Biodegradability of solid wastes
  • Comparative assessment of available options for Waste Processing on the basis of technical, environmental & economical parameters
  • Preparation of feasibility study reports for upcoming SWM projects
  • Preparation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for ULBs
  • Preparation of Information, Education & Communication (IEC) Plan for SWM projects
  • Review of solid waste disposal facilities which include environmental settings, life span of existing solid waste disposal sites including their conceptual closure plans.

B) Sanitary Landfill Site Services

  • Study of site conditions
  • Selection of Landfill sites
  • Identification of life span of land fills
  • Design of sanitary landfill facility as per norms of MSW Rules-2016

C) Independent Engineering Services for ISWM Projects on PPP Mode

  • Independently review, monitor & approve activities associated with the design, construction, operation & maintenance of project facilities
  • Certification of quantum of waste at transfer station and SLF site
  • Review of Quality Assurance Plan/Implementation Plan/Drawings/ Operation & Maintenance Plan
  • Review & approve material testing & mix design results
  • Monitoring construction works in conformity with project requirements
  • To facilitate Hand-back of project facilities.

D) Waste Remediation Plans & Supervision

  • Bio-mining of existing old waste (Legacy Waste)
  • Closure & Rehabilitation of Old Waste Dumps
  • Bio-remediation of waste
  • Selection of methods of treatment and disposal of Legacy waste.